The Rib Loc ® System is a new revolutionary method to produce gravity feed water supply and drainage pipe systems on site.

Originally engineered and introduced by Rib Loc Australia, the product is widely used in Europe, India , the Far East and South America. Rib Loc ® offers a cost effective solution in applications such as: Sewers, Pipeline renovation and relining, Stormwater, Canals, Flood irrigation, Canal lining, Ventilation ducting, Culverts, Drainage, Wellcasing, Low head irrigation, Sub soil drainage, Soak wells and Vertical column forming.


The Rib Loc ® System is based on an extruded impact modified uPVC profile which has a T-RIbbed outer surface and a smooth inner surface with interlocking edges. When fed through a Rib Loc ® Winding Machine, these edges lock and are welded together to form a pipe of high compressive strength to weight ratio with the following additional benefits:

•Lightweight - ease of handling
•Long lengths - fewer joints
•Winding of pipe on site
•Smooth bore
•Significant savings on installation time
•Saving on transport costs
•Saving on material handling costs
•Chemical resistance
•Ideal for grouting at manholes

A wide range of Rib Loc ® profiles offer pipe sizes from 315mm to 1015mm internal diameter, to meet exact performance criteria. Lengths of 1 metre up to 30 metres are available to suit specific requirements.

A full range of complimentary accessories and fittings are available. Custom made fittings are also available upon request.