Custom made tanks and trays made to the customers specifications for chemical storage, spray booths, fume extraction hoods, fume cupboards and electroplating tanks.

Water Storage
G.W. Industries stocks a wide range of polyethylene water storage tanks. These tanks are rotationally moulded and therefore are of a seamless construction.They are also available with a integral black liner, which blocks sunlight, inhibiting algae growth.

Special Plastic Tanks
For mixing chemicals with weirs, baffels, aeration manifolds. Twin walled insulated tanks.

Tank Linings
We can also line existing or new concrete tanks in polypropylene, polyethylene or PVC.

PVC Tanks for Hard Chroming
PVC is one of the few types or plastic which is resistant to Chromic Acid and is relatively inexpensive. There are two types of tanks that we manufacture, ridged grey industrial PVC tanks which are externally reinforced with glass fibre and flexible PVC which is laminated onto a pre fabricated steel tank. In both cases the PVC inner liner is welded by the extrusion welding process.

Chemical Storage
Rotationally moulded low density polyethylene tanks can be used for most chemical storage applications. The moulding process ensures a seamless finished product, and by increasing the wall thickness chemicals with a special gravity of up to 1.6 may be stored safely. Customised inlets, outlets, man holes, sight glasses, breathing vents etc can be installed by our company.

Specialised Electroplating Tanks
These tanks are fabricated from different plastic materials, the material is selected for each application, taking into account the chemicals being used and the operating temperature. The tanks can be manufactured to virtually any size and configurations depending on the parts to be plated. The welding process used in the manufacture of these type of tanks is called extrusion welding, the latest welding equipment imported from Europe is used by trained operators and the welding wire is carefully selected to be compatible with the base material used.