G.W. Industries - PVC Supply, Fabrication and Installation


G.W.Industries manufactures and stocks commercial and industrial PVC plumbing fittings for above and below ground applications for the building industry.


G.W.I has installed tanks, piping and ducting in any type of thermoplastic.


Our PVC Price List is available for download.


G.W Industries specialises in plastic pipe work, valves, tanks and custom-made fabrication.



Established in 1980, G.W.Industries was created to fill a specific need in the market. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength and now supplies a great variety of specialised products to important sectors of industry. Today the company specialises in plastic pipe work, valves, tanks and custom-made fabrication and has become an expert in its field of operation serving the building, civil construction, chemical, air-conditioning and agricultural industries. It supplies the market with a vast range of both locally manufactured quality products as well as imported.

Although a family concern, the company has a highly motivated, well qualified management team and a well trained staff complement, producing work which at all times satisfies the needs of the most stringent specifications. To this effect G.W. Industries has implemented a quality system which is in accordance with the Internationally recognised ISO 9002 programme.

Contact Info

  •   +2731 700 4525
  •   8 Moss Road, Westmead, KZN
  •   grant@gwindustries.com